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BIRTHDAY March 12, 1995




Beauty and lifestyle blogger who is known for her Carodaur blog. She has garnered widespread renown for her frequent posts that detail how she ably blends fashion with her lifestyle.

Before Fame
She began regularly blogging on her Carodaur site in December 2014. She has studied at university in Hamburg, Germany.

In July 2015, she was awarded the Bunte online publication's award for Best New Fashion Face in recognition of her blog work. She has also established a considerable Instagram presence with over 1.8 million followers on her personal page.

Family Life
She was born and raised in the Lower Saxony state of Germany. Her father was a lawyer, her mother has worked as a manager; she also influenced her in fashion.

Associated With
She and actor Til Schweiger both appeared at the Bunte New Faces Awards in Germany in 2015.




Influencer Caroline Daur is on the path towards world domination! The Germany-based blogger/model has become one-to-watch as one of the newest faces of D&G, regularly covering international glossies, and attracting millions of fans on Instagram and beyond. Daur wrote in from a recent trip to LA for the latest installment of “10 Things…”

I wear necklaces all day and all night: I never take them off—ever! My friends say I’m like a Christmas tree because I wear so much jewelry all the time.
I am a Pisces and am obsessed with astrology: The first thing I ask when I meet a person is, “What’s your star sign?”
I sleep 4-5 hours a night: My mind is always somewhere. But it was always like that, even in school.
I am “self-made”: I don’t have an agent, manager or assistant. I do everything by myself.
I studied business in school: Then I worked for a headhunting company.
I hate noises: Really. Its a disease, I swear! Its called Misophonia.
My first runway show was in January for Dolce & Gabbana: Since then I’ve walked six shows.
I played on a soccer team for years: I had the best endurance, but the worst ball skills [Laughs]. I also played tennis for 14 years.
I travel around 300 days per year: I love it so much. I love to meet people all around the world.
My first international magazine cover was a surprise: Grazia Italy told me two days before it was out that they decided to take a picture we shot for an editorial on the cover.





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Podrygka Russia March 2019,№ 80
Camila Coelho,Caroline Daur,Chiara Ferragni & Olivia Palermo

my scans

march 2019 1.jpg march 2019 2.jpg march 2019 3.jpg march 2019 4.jpg

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