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Katherine Poulton


Hair Blonde
Eyes Hazel

Height 175.5 cm
Bust 86.5 cm

Waist 61 cm

Hips 89 cm

Shoes 38


Blumarine, Miss Selfridge, Patrick Cox, St. Emile,




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English rose Katherine Poulton started rockin' the modeling work when she won a Storm modeling contest the tender age of 14.Now, she's the star of the Patrick Cox Wannabe campaign and is featured alongside her brother James in British Vogue (December 1998), shot by Mario Testino.
August 1999





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Cosmopolitan Russia March 2000
''Bright Life''
Photographer: Sean Gleason
Model:Katherine Poulton
Stylist: Elaine Farley
Make Up: Charlie Green
Hair: Frederick Parnell
Scanned by me

cosmo ru 03 2000 1.jpg cosmo ru 03 2000 2.jpg cosmo ru 03 2000 3.jpg cosmo ru 03 2000 4.jpg cosmo ru 03 2000 5.jpg cosmo ru 03 2000 6.jpg

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"Weekend in campagna"
Photographer: Doug Ordway
Models: Katherine Poulton and utm

Scanned by RocketQueen

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

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Vogue UK December 1998
''By invite only''

Photographer:Mario Testino

Models:Katherine Poulton,James Poulton,Harry Lopes,Liberty Ross,Jacquetta Wheeler and others



Not full version/Scanned by MMA 


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Grazia Italy 16 October 1998

Models:Katherine Poulton,Amie Hubertz and utm

Scanned by Sanja

Part I

Scan10367.JPG.103374d292bd299917b4fd697504f0a8.JPG Scan10368.JPG.729fa90221b0482c4e9cbfd0bcee906a.JPG Scan10369.JPG.90516736b57dd2a902c80881a6f24aa7.JPG Scan10370.JPG.2993062403fad893085db6893a4bd077.JPG Scan10371.JPG.497ccec9661af7e0a6c9aaf7b15b0948.JPG Scan10372.JPG.38946db4b697b22ca902c03f1a935c84.JPG Scan10373.JPG.72d4bb5c5f011ff6d67f001c7b22f2b4.JPG Scan10374.JPG.8e19565767927306f43b7edcc2b7f3d0.JPG

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