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Charlie Riina

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Charlie Riina (January 4, 1984, Toronto, Canada) is a model who was International Playmate of the Year in 2016. She appeared in a book in her own name in 2016 through Imperial Publishing.

TToi3QyE_t.jpg  KaLo3ngA_t.jpg uOp92SsG_t.jpg  A3e8PLJI_t.jpg nmjCbmd4_t.jpg 3mLzWSK6_t.jpg LY3uc5gL_t.jpg crOw3vBB_t.jpg nMRTHd6X_t.jpg PGm7XQcW_t.jpg WSFazGMO_t.jpg rrKhsXtF_t.jpg pW9kS6fk_t.jpg 45LunVNA_t.jpg cfLV9zkS_t.jpg sninVtwL_t.jpg OqNfZkTQ_t.jpg AtILLUOn_t.jpg CbSW3srN_t.jpg oBe4zOEa_t.jpg VFgzipqT_t.jpg Oc9a3Hs5_t.jpg YIQ1omC9_t.jpg dddqJdoI_t.jpg D7Qpan0f_t.jpg aQAcFo37_t.jpg oiESuyFk_t.jpg 3jgWEczB_t.jpg RYlGj947_t.jpg edDrywaX_t.jpg FDhvJHZ6_t.jpg




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