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Super Identity

Somewhat Popular Asian Model (hard drive crash - forgot her name)

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I have no pictures to reference, lost all after a hard drive crash (yea, I was to lazy back up my stuff damn..... suuuuucks)  


But I know some details that make the pool of options rather limited, I hope. 


She is either fully or half Asian, a fitness model but doesn't look like it (not "muscular" in any way), has brown hair (shoulder length or shorter - can change though), she is rather busty (natural I think) and has a pretty large Instagram following (for some reason I didn't follow haha) - and I think her Insta account also had a rather causal @ ID - with "babe" or "baby" in there... 


Somehow I forgot her name. I thought she was "Vicky Lee" but I don't find anything when searching. So that's false. But probably something similar...  


Hope you have ideas... I don't think there are so many options based on my description. 


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