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Henry Hargreaves


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Henry Hargreaves was raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. Born to a family of artists and artisans Handery's own imaginative nature and dynamic interests were embraced early on. His childhood and teenage activities ran the gamut from painting and drawing to bootlegging and cricket. Growing up with the tales of his late grandfather, WWII hero, Edgar Charles Hargreaves, Henry quickly developed his own visions of travel and the pursuit of extraordinary experience.

After recieving a degree in film and art history from the University of Canterbury, he set off for South East Asia where a chance meeting with a photographer in Bangkok launched an unlikely and explosive life chapter. Overnight, Henry found himself modelling for the world's most prestigious fashion houses and working with such photography icons as Stephen Meisel, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier and the late Richard Avedon.

It wasn't long before he recognized his own passion for photography. Extensive travel and full immersion in the fashion industry fueled this desire and 3 years and 50 countries later, Henry relocated to New York City. Looking to break from the nomadic life of modeling and seeking to cultivate his own artistic and entrepreneurial ambitions, he set up shop in Williamsburg.

{Bio extracted from vctimofthemodern.com}

Year of Birth: 1979

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Suit: 38L

Waist: 31

Inseam: 33

Shirt: 15 1/2

Shoes: 11

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