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Natalija Osolnik

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She's from Slovenia and modeled for Lisca during the late 00s-early 10s.  I there is a severe lack of pictures of her, and there are also pictures of her that I can't find anywhere else except a very frustrating website called celebwallpapers.org that seems to have some sort of glitch that causes the entire site to be replaced with a white screen after looking at it for a few seconds.  Natalija-Osolnik-5.thumb.jpg.6c75c207312ae3d38be76a84e82409a7.jpg

cd31974b3cb8c9f7dd7158a7c61aebc8.jpg Natalija-osolnik--17-.jpg Natalija-osolnik--4-.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-22-compressed.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-07-compressed.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-05-compressed.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-04-498x740.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-02-compressed.jpg natalija-osolnik-hot-pics-01-compressed.jpg lisca_cheek_4.jpg lisca_cheek_5.jpg lisca_cheek_6.jpg lisca_cheek_7.jpg lisca_cheek_2.jpg

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Select Models Miami


formerly of 

MP Models Miami



Natalijia Osolink

Naty Jones 

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