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Meghan Douglas

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Meghan traveled a lot as a child. Her father was in the United States government, and she lived in Germany, Greece, India, and Lebanon. As a high school student in Virginia, she attempted to model part-time at local department stores, but had little luck. After she didn't get into her first choice of colleges, Meghan was offered a contract by Elite Model Management after entering their Model Look contest.

As a model, she had a unique ability to change her look. Her hair color is naturally light brown, but she changed it frequently, usually at least one color a year. Upon dying her hair red, Meghan became an unexpected star attraction at the spring 1995 fashion shows.

In 1994, Meghan married Liam Dalton, the CEO and founder of Axiom Capital Management, Inc., a large New York-based investment-management corporation. She wore her wedding ring in some fashion shoots. Liam and Meghan appeared together in a spread in the August 1994 American Vogue, entitled "The Weekenders".

Her 1995 television and print advertising campaign for Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner put her in the public eye.

Meghan missed the spring 1996 shows because of the birth of her first child, who appeared with Meghan in her ads for J.Crew and Ellen Tracy Company. Meghan and Liam are now parents of three children: Kelley, Liam, and Lander.

Close friends with Claudia Mason. The two appeared in many fashion editorials together in Vogue (US) in the mid 1990s.

A favorite model of photographer Pamela Hanson.

Attended James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.

Paulina Porizkova is one of her favorite models, and inspired her to want to model.

Loves candy and what she calls "real meals", particularly steak, potatoes, and Indian food.

Weighted 125 lbs. in 1991, and 117 lbs. in 1992.

Was one of the world's top fashion models in the 1990s.

Dated Liam Dalton for two and a half years before they married.

Her wedding gown was designed by Michael Kors.

Loves scuba diving.

Participated in the Elite Model Look contest in 1985.

Her father had modeled for Dial soap to pay for school.

Her mother was an artist, went to police school, and later worked with emotionally disturbed children.

Worked as a switchboard operator in a donut shop while in high school.







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it never occurred to me to do that


i just gave them to my best friend/fashion addict

*double DOH* lolol then again, i never even knew how to work a scanner until

2 months ago when i joined BZ. the kid im so willing to sacrifice showed me how

*triple DOH!* heh


meghan in boots







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