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Nicola Cavanis


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Apart from her excellently showcased godly body and her perfect beauty, that's the best lingerie shoot we have seen.
Great colours, really flattering designs, hopefully that will make some great additions to add to her portfolio and assist her career.

This girls should be hitting the headlines.

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She is exactly the same, she never had any girly face. She always looked like a very attractive and elegant woman..

Some kinds of lighting and photo editing might had given her a more babyface look and keep in mind that in some photos she could have been 17.
Whatever it is, I think she looks better than ever.

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1 hour ago, model619 said:

The second photo where she looks "early 20's" has quite a bit of makeup on, different lighting and surely has been edited a bit.

Left one is more natural with a lot less makeup and her skin looks great as of a 21-23 year old girl.
Right one is definitely edited and never something you would see in real life.

Have you seen 28 year old (good looking with a nice skin) women? You will be negatively surprised if you think left is not good enough.

I am not even going to comment on the 35+ as I am sorry but it is a ridiculous claim.

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