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Chloe Nordin

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She was featured in VOGUE.


"Chloe Nardin
With her flapper bob and fearless personal style, Chloe Nardin makes a lasting impression. Frequently updating her Instagram with unique outfits and customized pieces she makes herself, Nardin is the sort of girl who pairs discount belly-dancing pants with platform boots and a Vuitton bag or slings a fanny pack over her shoulder to create a fresh look. Her gamine good looks and love of fashion made her a perfect addition to casting director Ashley Brokaw’s eclectic lineup at Louis Vuitton."


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She is with with Viva Models London, Paris and Barcelona.


Hauteur 170 cm

Taille 56 cm

Hanches 82 cm

Cheveux Châtain foncé

Yeux Vert

Chaussures 37


Снимок экрана 2017-05-29 в 22.46.14.png

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Interview with Chloe via VIVA Models Website


Give us 3 words to describe you best ?

productive, sensitive, exacting

If you were an inventor, what would you have invented ?

i hesitate between a powerful aphrodisiac and the 3D printer

If you were a historical figure who would you be ? What historical event would you want to witness ? 

Gertrude Stein, to participate in the rising Paris modern art scene in the early 20th century

If you were an activist, what cause would you support?


If you could own an art piece what would you choose ?

Either a Pierre Soulages ‘Walnut Stain’, or a McQueen prototype 

If you could have chosen your birth place, what would you pick ?

Definitely a plane, to travel for free my whole life

Monument / natural wonder you’d like to visit ?

the Chinese suburbs

Last movie you chose not to watch ?

‘The Hateful Eight’, by Tarantino

Favourite musical era ?


Favourite non social website ?

Google image

What's the best thing about being a woman in 2015 ?


How do you feel about selfies?

I’d rather model for someone else

What rule(s) have you broken ?

Being a strong woman in a society ruled by men.. just kidding

For who would you accept to shave your head ? 

Literally anyone

What’s the dish you love to cook?

Indian food

What song would you ask a DJ to play ?

Funk or techno

Favourite dance move ? 

awkward techno mixed with ballet

If you were trapped in a TV show for a week, which one would you choose ? 

Pawn stars

Last thing you bought ?

Strawberry roll and cigarettes

What do you feel strongly about ? 

Fashion design

What special skill are you proud of ? 


Best concert you went to ? Concert most looking forward to ? 

A date in any nerdy rock place

What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling ?


If you could invite 3 famous people over for dinner, who would you invite ?

Milan Kundera, Nicolas de Stael and…John Waters, because then it could be a party

Favourite film ?

I'm not the loyal type, but maybe ‘La Grande Bellezza’ by Sorrentino

Can’t live without ?


Motto in life ?

What you do is who you are

Favourite beauty product ? 

Dark lip liner

Favourite item of clothing and why ?

A fake Fendi purse at the moment

Which little pleasure(s) warm your heart for sure ?

Crappy flea markets

Last book you read ?

‘l’esprit nomade’ by Kenneth White

What rituals do you have ? 

Dressing up

Favourite landscape ? 

A crowd


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