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Giù la testa / A Fistful of dynamite

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"Giù la testa" is an Italian movie on the Mexican revolution,  made by Sergio Leone with Ennio Morricone's music. Initially it was called "Giù la testa, coglione" (translated by "Duck, you sucker" in English), but it was censored. It was finally called "a Fistful of dynamite" in English and "Il était une fois la révolution" in French (none of theses titles being related to the Italian title :rofl:).

Whatever the title, it's a great movie.


Do you know/like this movie and its music?





  • Rod Steiger: Juan Miranda
  • James Coburn: John H. "Sean" Mallory
  • Romolo Valli: dottor Villega
  • Antoine Saint-John: colonnello Günther Reza
  • Franco Graziosi: governatore Jaime
  • Rik Battaglia: Santerna
  • David Warbeck: Nolan
  • Vivienne Chandler: fidanzata di John
  • Goffredo Pistoni: padre di Juan
  • Corrado Solari: Napoleone
  • Renato Pontecchi: Chulo


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