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Models to ID.

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1. from Pull&Bear

9992350800_4_1_1.jpg?t=14949491635539710360406_2_1_1.jpg?t=1494947390473 Rebecca Noordermeer


2. from topshop

TS10N44LBLK_Zoom_M_1.jpgTS35B04MDVG_Zoom_M_1.jpg Lenny Nunes


3. from topshop

TS05G42LLIL_Zoom_M_2.jpgTS10N02MRED_Zoom_M_2.jpg Sharnee Gates


4. from topshop



5. from topshop

TS30D02LMNT_Zoom_M_1.jpgTS35W14LBLS_Zoom_M_1.jpg Nastya Zakharova


6. from topshop

TS35B43LBLK_Zoom_M_1.jpgTS10J23LMNT_Zoom_M_1.jpg Frankie Mason


7. from topshop

TS35B97KBLE_Zoom_M_3.jpgTS35L11LNAV_Zoom_M_3.jpg Kiran Kandola


8. from Mango

13050338_05-99999999_01.jpg?ts=149485162 Tess Angel

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Thank you very much Cazerty for you help and time!

1 is not Alice Gilbert, she was the first one I checked but it was not her :I

And I have doubts about number 2 too, I think is not Iesha. 

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