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Patrycja is a great Polish model. She is freckled like a golden beauty and she wears wavy hair, shrouding her mysterious grace.


Patrycja Laufer11.jpgPatrycja Laufer 23.jpg59188905507b3_PatrycjaLaufervivajuil2014b.thumb.jpg.d20fd8f941e96e31f8e3485217d40476.jpg5918891854a06_PatrycjaLaufer3.thumb.jpg.756e642a3716c6443b5a3c1c5e45a651.jpg591889be33611_PatrycjaLauferdesignscene21.thumb.jpg.161bfd7a6c2399feacbc65ea34eba5bd.jpg59188a1b0cc06_PatrycjaLaufer2.thumb.jpeg.83d42168f65d5eb7842a1484ba85bfb6.jpeg


She's like this:

-  Born in 1990

-  height 176cm

-  bust 82cm

-  waist 60cm

-  hips 90cm

-  shoes 8

-  hair Brown

-  eyes Blue

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She's with :

- Gaga models, Poznań, Poland (mother agency)

- Wonderwal management, Milano

- Elite Models, London

- MC2 models, Tel aviv

- Metro models, Zurich

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