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Courtney James (or CJ) is a great Australian model. Witty smile, silky hair, freckles dancing on her golden skin, she's a real beauty.


Courtney James 1.jpgCourtney James 41.jpgCourtney James47.jpg


Courtney James 12.jpgCourtney James.jpgCourtney James pola.jpg



She's like this:

  • Height 177cm
  • Bust 81cm
  • Waist 61cm
  • Hips 86cm
  • Eye Colour Blue
  • Hair Colour Blonde

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The great Courtney on the cover of Brigitte (Germany), 7 June 2017

(this is a really great cover: perfect color balance, perfect smile and a lot of energy coming from CJ)

Courtney James - Brigitte 7 June 2017.jpg

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