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First Name:Maria (or simply Masha) 

Last Name:Semkina

Russian name:Мари́я Рафаи́ловна Сёмкина

Model & Actress

Date of Birth: 26 October,1976

Place of Birth: Rostov-on-Don,Russia


Height: 1.74 cm
Bust/Waist/Hips: 84/58/90 cm


Fashon Shows:


Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2001 {B!RYUKOV by Oleg Biryukov}
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2003 (Moscow Fashion Week) {Lilya Pustovit, Nastya Cherezova, TAKSA, Vladimir Zubets for Euphoria}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2003 {Claurus Fashion, Irina Frangulyan, Ludmila Mezentseva, Oleg Biryukov}
Magazine Covers:


-Germany: 'Doin' Fine'
-Greece: 'Elval'
-Russia: 'She' March 2001; 'Step' #5 - October/November 1999; 'Playboy' - June 2001; 'Bikini' - March 2001; 'Generation Egoist' #10 & #11 2002; 'Krestianka' - January 2003;
'Apriori'-March 2005;'Good Housekeeping' April 2010;
 'Maxim' - October 2011;'Good Advice-Lisa' February 2011
-'Vita Web' #4

- Her sister is 9 years younger
- She began to work as a model since 1998
- She has a son Michael (1999)

- Debut in the movie took place in 2002 (All Movie 35)

- Masha featured in the Russian 'Playboy' Calendar 2002.


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