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Полина Аскери


First Name: Polina

Last Name: Askeri

Top Model,Tv Presenter,Actress

Date of Birth: 12 July 1985
Place of Birth: Moscow,Russia
Height: 1,74 cm
All Movies: 7

Polina began her modeling career later than most. But right after she did her first commercial, she was hired by the prestigious modeling agency, President, and later by Modus Vivendis. Almost immediately, the leading brands were lining up to make Polina Askeri the “face” of their ad campaign. She signed contracts with: Danone, Beeline, Fanta, Jacobs, Oriflame, Ostin, Panasonic, Timotei, Head and Shoulders, Cote d’Or, Sheba, Alba, Salita, Carlo Pazolini, Varxatnie Ruchki, Sportmaster, Mir Kozhi I Mexa, Snexhanaya Koroleva, Ingostrax and many others.

According to Fashion TV, Polina Askeri is Russia’s most successful commercial model. After being awarded the Best Commercial Model Polina decided to test her talents in Paris, where she again had immediate success. She worked with a variety of the world’s dominate fashion names including, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Jitrios, and Levi’s.  She also worked with some of the world’s top cosmetic brands including L’Oreal, Feraud and others.

Polina continues to have success as model as well as a producer. She actively supports Russian designers, representing young designers. She participated in Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek as a Top-Model, closing numerous shows for Russia’s top designers. Polina also started the program, SNC Pride Club promote the careers for beginning photographers, models and stylists. SNC Pride Club specializes in organizing and producing various creative projects for young talent.

There have been numerous TV programs filmed about Polina and her success. She also continues her career as a journalist, writing columns about fashion, beauty and art. She is also frequently invited to participate as an expert from the fashion industry on TV and radio. In September 2014 Polina became an editor-in-chief of a fashion and beauty site www.love2beauty.ru.

Polina has a special passion for the film industry. At the age of 18, the future Top-Model, was already working as a PR director for large company in the movie industry, promoting some of Russia’s largest blockbusters. Soon after that, she began her acting in movies, having roles in movies Medvezhya Oxota and Pick-up, and in TV series Proklatiy Ray and Gorod Soblaznov. In 2013, Polina enrolled Boris Shukin Theateral Institute to further develop and perfect her acting and professional skills.



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She (Russia) December 2005?

Stylish Hairstyles (Russia) #11 November 2007

Avantages (France) February 2009


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Cosmopolitan (Russia) December 2005

''Fashionable Trio''

Photographer:Ilya Vartanian
Models: Polina Askeri,Julia Vorobyeva,Alexandra Glukhova (President)

Stylist:Anna Rykova

Make up:Oksana Dyachenko
Hair:Irina Romanyuk

My Scans


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Magazine:'Arbat Prestige' Russia December 2005 (Closed Now)

''Fairytale wanderings''

Photo:Eduard Basilia 

Make Up and Hair:Asya Nakulian

Model:Polina Askeri/President

My Scans



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