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Tina Kunakey

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Tina Kunakey and her brother Zachary Kunakey attend the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Dua Lipa celebrating the launch of the new fragrance 'Libre' at Castel Club on September 25, 2019 in Paris, France.

Tina+Kunakey+Yves+Saint+Laurent+Beauty+Dua+bTJZYaF6anpx.jpg Tina+Kunakey+Yves+Saint+Laurent+Beauty+Dua+dlFo9TTlpxRx.jpg Tina+Kunakey+Yves+Saint+Laurent+Beauty+Dua+LssZP_RC1WSx.jpg

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On 6/4/2019 at 4:18 AM, Wanarchy said:

Tina Kunakey by Cameron Hammond for Tacoola

44827298_1710548359049995_4577130605056218345_n.jpg 45414139_465165287342742_3225758560765636143_n.jpg 46096184_219126008965676_2110008410661478703_n.jpg

this is a view that should appear more often

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ELLE Russia December 2019

Photography: Xavi Gordo at 8 Artist Management.

Stylist: Vadim Galagarov:

Makeup & Hair: Harold James.

Manicure: Cathy Denniel.

Talent: Tina Kunakey.



Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-1-809x1024.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-2-809x1024.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-3.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-4-820x1024.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-5-815x1024.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-6-808x1024.jpg Xavi-Gordo-ELLE-Tina-Kunakey-7-818x1024.jpg 72164218_978924315811821_6334847957410985998_n.jpg

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