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Natalie Gulbis


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Natalie Gulbis

Born: January 7th, 1983

Nationality: American

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Education: University of Arizona

Lives: Sacramento, California

1997 California Women's Amateur Champion

Turned pro 2001

Tied 3rd at 2001 LPGA Tour qualifying school

2nd in 2002 Rookie of the Year points

Natalie is coached by Butch Harmon








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Natalie is awesome! She is a great golfer, and victories are coming. At least she looks good while trying.

Many in the LPGA are ugly & overweight, but Natalie is very feminine and looks like a bodybuilder. :wub:

She has her own show on The Golf Channel. Check it out. :)

There's another "Babe" in the LPGA to keep an eye out for. Her name is Paula Creamer. She likes to wear pink, and is so damn cute! Plus, she has won some. :wub:

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Natalie Gulbis is one of my most favorite world celebrity and i like this american girl so much and she was doing very well in golf, modeling etc but i mostly like her in Fashion world so i am the big fan of her fashion and she did some very good work in modeling and now she become the favorite of many peoples from all over the world and thank you, you put some good info about her

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