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Emilee MacCormack

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Emilee MacCormack

Mother Agency: Chadwick Models

Agency: Storm Models - London


Height: 5'6" / 168 cm

Bust: 31.5" / 80 cm

Hips: 34" / 86 cm

Waist: 23" / 58 cm

Shoe size: 6

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue


post-92432-0-1446086746-12262_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086746-61631_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086748-77718_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086748-90305_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086748-95886_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086748-97233_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-07638_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-11372_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-25339_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-28393_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-45245_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-46762_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-54446_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-55989_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-57218_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-63531_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-6494_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-66667_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-67272_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-67897_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086749-75733_thumb.jpg

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Oh Girl - February 2015

Photographer: Sonny McCartney

Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Amanda Bell

Creative Director: Andrea Vecchiato

Copyrights: Nuit Magazine


With Rebecca Dingemans @ Storm Models


post-92432-0-1446086751-85199_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086751-86588_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086751-88232_thumb.jpg

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Fremantle Fashion Collective - 2014

Courtesy of stylevoyeur.com


post-92432-0-1446086753-15426_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446086753-18744_thumb.jpg


Teen Models Above the Cut by Jesse Papain for Australian Yahoo! News (June 19, 2015)

Photographer: Sanny Chong


With Dana Scacchia, Tamara Kordic, and Vienna Anderson @ Chadwick Models - Perth



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