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Harry Uzoka


post-84480-0-1446025873-5863_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025873-5946_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025873-61099_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025873-62995_thumb.jpg


Height: 6'0

Suit: 35R

Shirt: 15"

Waist: 28"

Inseam: 31"

Shoe: 9 US

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

From: United Kingdom

Agencies: Premier Model Management in London and Next LA

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I was honestly so surprised when I realized that no one had made Harry his own topic yet.  He’s really quite striking! :)


post-84480-0-1446025880-41064_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-44782_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-4874_thumb.jpg  post-84480-0-1446025880-52127_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-55411_thumb.jpg


post-84480-0-1446025880-58569_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-67666_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-6966_thumb.jpg


post-84480-0-1446025880-72356_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-78426_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-79722_thumb.jpg


post-84480-0-1446025880-81352_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-85247_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-86738_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-90019_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025880-94_thumb.jpg


Mama’s boy Harry was discovered when he visited AMCK Models with his big brother Ed (who is represented by the agency). His potential was immediately recognised by agent Simon Worgan, and he was quickly signed and put to work. Harry’s since shot for Nike, walked at London Fashion Week, and celebrated his 18th birthday on a shoot for Arena Homme Plus with Nick Knight and Nicola Formichetti. A big fan of football, the gym and his mum, when Harry isn’t modeling he’s studying Business Studies at college and preparing for university.


Place of Origin: London, UK
Date of Birth: September 25


sources: AMCK Models / models

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Closer to Harry Uzoka

The gentle giant Harry Uzoka is a lovely, calm human being. Which is one of the reasons why India Hobson instantly took a shine to him when shooting for the first book. This shine was enough for us to give him a 6 page spread in 'Closer'.
As soon as India met him to shoot around his own home, he presented the book 'The Alchemist' to her. She learned that this book fuels his thoughts and there-fore his actions. Throughout the day, he texted his girlfriend Leomie and tweeted using his IPad, to which India discovered he loves more then sweets!
Extracts from Harry's story "Not Yet Written"
"We'd been talking about holidays, and I've spent all my summer travelling across Europe - where as Harry has always holiday'd in Manchester. He has family there and has never been abroad. The place he most wants to go in all the world is Egypt. And to prove his Mak-tub theory, we saw no less than 17 adverts from the tourist board of Egypt. And so it is written. (India Hobson)
"I believe in signs. I always tweet about this thing called 'Mak-tub' and it means 'it is written' and I really like that - it's like, that's the way something is supposed to be." (Harry Uzoka)
A big thank you to Mens Runway for helping us preview Mr Uzoka's story. Check out a couple of pages/images from 'Closer' with Harry below. . .




post-84480-0-1446025883-23859_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025883-55151_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025883-87959_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025883-88864_thumb.jpg


source: boysbygirls.co.uk

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New Directions
July 19th, 2011

Citizen K Homme and Harley Weir and stylist Jerome Andre present a striking portfolio of the season’s best fall fashions from Kris Van Assche, Louis Vuitton and 3.1 Phillip Lim, on the brightest young Brits on the scene. Fall’s just around the corner!






source: models

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Familiar Pattern


Magazine: SCMP Style (South China Morning Post Style Magazine)


Photographer: Jeff Hahn

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Simone Konu

Published: March 2012


post-84480-0-1446025887-52287_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025887-53767_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025887-69817_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025887-73171_thumb.jpg

post-84480-0-1446025887-7496_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025887-78747_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1446025887-79354_thumb.jpg


source: scmp.com / models

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