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Magdalena Sverlander is an emerging Swedish actress who received two Best Actor nominations for the lead role in When Tears Have Fallen during 2015; Best Actor at the London Lift-Off Film Festival's Season Award and Best Lead Actress In A Foreign Language Film at St-Tropez International Film Festival during 2015.

When Tears Have Fallen has been chosen to be a part of the Official Selection in more than twenty five film festivals world wide and has been awarded ten times over. 

She trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.




Magdalena_Sverlander_International.Film.Festival.jpegMagdalena.Sverlander.Lift-Off_Film_Festival_Season_Awards.jpgMagdalena.Sverlander.Red_Carpet_Lift-Off_Film_Festival_Season_Awards2.jpgMagdalena.Sverlander.Red_Carpet_Lift-Off_Film_Festival_Season_Awards4.jpgMagdalena.Sverlander.Red_Carpet_Lift-Off_Film_Festival_Season_Awards3.jpg1.When Tears Have Fallen Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg2.When Tears Have Fallen (Magdalena Sverlander and Hampus Ekvall).jpg3.When Tears Have Fallen Magdalena Sverlander och Fredrik Dolk copy.jpg5.When Tears Have Fallen -Magdalena Sverlander.jpg4.When Tears Have Fallen (Magdalena Sverlander och Pär Lundström)copy.jpgWhenTearsHaveFallen_Magdalena_Sverlander.jpegUMT_Magdalena_Sverlander.jpgUMT2_Magdalena_Sverlander.jpgUMT3_Magdalena_Sverlander.jpgUMT4_Magdalena_Sverlander.png2.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg1.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg4.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpgUnknown.jpegimages.jpegUnknown-2.jpegWhenTearsHaveFallen.jpg10.5.jpg13.jpg



10 -.jpg MV5BNzU0Mzg4Mzk2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzk3Mzk4MjE@._V1_UY100_CR26,0,100,100_AL_.jpg9.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg6.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg10.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg11.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg7.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg5.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg12.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg13.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg

images-1.jpeg  UMT5_Magdalena_Sverlander.png  3.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpg 8.Magdalena_Sverlander.jpgMagdalena_Sverlander_Cannes_Film_Festival.JPG

Magdalena_Sverlander_Cannes_Film_Festival.JPG Living_Between_Lies_Magdalena_Sverlander_Photographer_Eli_Sverlander6.jpg

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