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Saray Scheidt Born

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Saray Scheidt Born


Full Name:

Saray Scheidt Born


180 cm / 5’11”


Costa Rican/German

Date of Birth:

March 12


Mother Agency:

Independent Model Management (San Jose)


Elite New York City (New York)


Major Paris (Paris)


Elite Milan (Milan)


Munich Models (Munich)


Next Miami (Miami Beach)

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She's got an interesting look, I'd like to see more from her.


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Saray Scheidt Born, better known simply as Saray Scheidt is a multi-talented bombshell. With beautiful blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and rich tan skin, this model is the definition of a babe. Her perfect pout, killer cheek bones and signature beauty mark only add to the mesmerizing sex appeal and understated chicness that is shown throughout her portfolio. Not only does Saray Scheidt have a face full of potential, but her 5’11” frame is runway ready. Defined and toned, Saray Scheidt has the body fit for the catwalk and the face for editorial work. This perfect combination and her ability to give off an effortless beach babe vibe, glamour and killer confidence has high fashion and commercial appeal alike. This will give Saray Scheidt full reign of the modeling industry and allow her to explore any aspect she pleases.

Born in Costa Rica, Saray Scheidt has been modeling since the age of 15. She can also climb trees, fly a plane, speak German and English and is only 22. If that isn’t impressive enough, Saray Scheidt will be graduating from University in Munich this October and will be looking to go fully international with her modeling career. First signed to her Mother Agency, Independent Model Management San Jose, she has built her portfolio and gained enough experience to get her foot in the door. Saray Scheidt has already worked with brands like BogaSpaccio Boutique and La Perla and is now signed to Elite New York and Milan, Next Miami, Munich Models and Major Paris. I can easily see her working for brands like Guess, Gucci and Versace; all sexy brands that have a vivacious aura. Accomplishing all this on top of school is pretty amazing. One can only imagine Saray Scheidt’s potential when modeling becomes her sole focus!

With her gorgeous facial features, killer bod and proven talent, it’s clear nothing will stand in Saray Scheidt’s way of being a top model. In her short life she has accomplished a great deal of feats and modeling is next on her checklist. With portfolio shots that show her versatility and ability to shift from high fashion glamour to understated beauty, Saray Scheidt will have little trouble finding work. Her universal appeal and experience alone have already started the engine on her worldwide flight to supermodel status.

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