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Brooke Satchwell


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This young lady was big in the Australian soap "Neighbours" and the cop drama "Water Rats". Over 400 pictures...

Full Name: Brooke Kerith Satchwell

D.O.B: 14th of November 1980

Age: 25

Weight: 55kg

Height: 5ft 5"

Brooke Kerith Satchwell (born November 14, 1980 in Melbourne) is an Australian actress best known for playing Anne Wilkinson in the soap opera Neighbours. She first appeared on Australian television on the 19 November 1996. She won the Best New Talent at the 1998 Logies, and a people's choice award for Favorite Teen Idol in 1999.

Brooke Satchwell originally wanted to be a forensic psychologist before taking a part-time job in a morgue and eventually becoming an actress. She is noted for her roles on Australian television series such as "Neighbours" (1985) and "Water Rats" (1996).

She is a very keen surfer and also loves horse riding. In December 1997, Brooke traveled over 10,000 miles to visit the UK. Whilst over here, Brooke met up with some long distance relatives as well as doing some publicity shoots and appearing on television. Amongst many, Brooke appeared in Live & Kicking, on The Disney Channel, 5's company, Light Lunch and Big Breakfast. In February 1998 Brooke was announced one of the nominees for the 1998 Logie Awards. Brooke was nominated in 2 categories & was announced the Best New Talent at the 1998 Logies. For many weeks later Brooke was elated at receiving the award. In November 1999 Brooke also won an award at the People's Choice Awards for favorite Teen Idol. Far from being known as a famous forensic psychologist, who no doubt she would have been, Brooke is now an international celebrity, known everywhere she goes.





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