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Tanya "Tatiana" Fitcukova

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With those deep blue eyes and delicate beauty, Tanya’s range goes from pretty to pretty edgy. Scouted 2 years ago in her small hometown in Kaluga Oblast, Russia, Tanya has balanced her career with a gruelling school schedule which entails 12 hours of study per day as she simultaneously completes two degrees (in Programming and Management) at two different universities. Ready to put down the books and devote herself to modelling full time as soon as she graduates in two months, Tanya has travelled to Israel (in 2013) and Paris (in 2014) during her summer vacations in order to gain experience and build her portfolio. Already under the scrutiny of major international fashion players, Tanya’s look is both commercially viable and editorially interesting. Come May 2015, the world will be ready to take on Tanya’s incredible charm.


Height:174 cm / 5’8.5″


Date of Birth:August 5


Mother Agency: Forward Model Management (Moscow)

Paris:Silent (Paris)

Israel:Yuli Models (Tel Aviv)

post-43321-0-1445989308-1254_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-13974_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-16769_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-18812_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-20583_thumb.jpg

post-43321-0-1445989308-22939_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-25478_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-26452_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-27064_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1445989308-27612_thumb.jpg

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