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Picture Request


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tried in his agencies?

i see he always...in many magazines etc...he no made editorials...but he make some campaigns...for example in this last season i saw he in polo blue, Arnold brant

and Hickey-Freeman

Thanks :kiss: , I found some lovely pictures of him :wub: . do u know other campagnes?

in this moment no...i think that he is re-confirmed for this new season at hickey...

sure will be in polo...i think

if u want i could watch in my old photos

what i have of he...

but i think no much

i remember he only in RL

but if i see he in new or old campaigns/editorials

i will advise you ;)


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I don' have scans, but i can search him in spanish magazines. told me campagnes, or advertisement that he has done

i have many things...

i just no have the things that i no found here

in spanish maybe u seen he in massimo dutti for the season SS04

he also made the tv ad

maybe some adversements of massimo dutti perfume?

i never seen it here for exampe...

or u no seen he in some spanish magazines?

thanks so much...if u like some other models let me know

or if maybe u know models agency of doug and u no have the access at it..write to me and i will help you ;)

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I have searched in my magazines ... i haven't found nothing yet, but i'm going to search more, my mom has a lot of magazines, like cosmopolitan, raggazza, woman,....

I remember him from a tv ad, but i don't know if it's massimo dutti :blink:

thanks for the help

this is the massimo dutti tv ad with he ;)




maybe they no made an AD for magazines

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yes, i have seen this tv spot, all perfumes have ads, but i don't now if he appears in it. Wha's the fragance's name?

i speak about this one..

i only know that there was posters in shops....

i don't knwo nothing about tv ad in magazines

by the way


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