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Vanessa Mae


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Vanessa Mae

Gorgous 27 year-old, very talented violin player.

"Born on October 27th, 1978, to a Thai father and Chinese mother, Vanessa spent the first three years of her childhood in Singapore where she was born. At three Vanessa moved to London with her mother, and still resides in London. Apart from the violin, which she took it up at age five, she also played the piano, beginning at age three.

Vanessa's first performance was at age nine. She proceeded to do her master in harmony. She played with the Philharmonie Orchestra when she was ten. She also had three classical recordings under her belt by the time she was thirteen.

Vanessa was fourteen when she started working on 'The Violin Player'. The album ran up the charts in over twenty countries, shortly after its release. In 1996, she was nominated for the 'Best Female Artist' in the BRIT Awards, an award based in the UK. Vanessa is the first instrumentalist and classical musician to be nominated for this award, which is voted for being a mainstream pop award.

Vanessa has indeed come a long way to be what she is today. To date, Vanessa has released a number of both Classical and Pop albums. Vanessa's most recent release is a "Best of Vanessa-Mae" collection which includes the never released song "Art of War" and as a bonus a video montage set to "Art of War". Vanessa has also added singing to her repertoire, adding her voice to a number of tracks on her 2001 "Subject to Change" release. Her first vocal vertures though were on the well received "Storm" and "I'm a Doun" singles. As Vanessa progressed from child prodogy to independent adulthood both she and her music have matured. The personal strength and dynamic presence of Vaness-Mae are clear indicators of a musician who has fully arrived and is here to stay."


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