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graphic design "free" competition


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Each Xmas my mother always give me £100 but she wants me to have something to "open" and i told her about slipmats and she said okay.

Now i want customized ones so i will be the only one to have those.

I found a good website that can print one pic in a pair and send it for £20 :cool

Now i ask the best designers here to have a go for me, create one pic following those statements :


Texts & Font :

above text : "DJ DAZMAN" with font year_supply_of_fair

bottom text : "The Fooking Legend" with font : KMKDSPT_.ttf

Main image : Yin-Yang logo, you can pick up a normal one like post-294-0-1446417135-0156_thumb.jpg

and then you can do what you want with this, add as many effects as you want, oh and i like blue and red colors but i let you all use your imagination

and for showing me what you've done you can save the pic in JPG format with a lil size so i can see it and say if i want it to change or not and if one of your submition win then i will ask you to upload the big PSD for me in my webspace.

this competition will run out next friday at 8pm.

I will not offer any prices because i don't have many money but in my next mix "live" i will do a shoutout for the winner for sure.

Cheeers in advance if you can help.


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Well 1st of all follow the instruction for the pic (3500*3500) and to show me what you've done just save it as a JPG file with a 800*800 so you can upload here easily.

At the end of the week i will chose the best one and if you win then i will show you how to upload the big PSD file on my webspace.

Cheers :)

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