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Natalia Cardoso


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Do you have something else to help us with?  Year, magazine, product, location (Poland, USA, etc), full picture that's not blown up.... anything else to share?


After dragging that blown-up image into Google Images (http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi), it shows up as some instagram image on multiple sites. 


Not much help, but then again, not much to go on.


Also found here:  http://photo2.ask.fm/239/734/384/920003026-1rd2ikk-iroadcgap0esepp/preview/nah1.png


See if you can did a bit deeper for some other supporting data on her.




Ok...  a little more reviewing found that some think it's perhaps:  Natalia Cardoso


Some also think that image is fake.


You decide.

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