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Kevin Zegers


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Zegers was born in Woodstock, Ontario to James Zegers (a quarry worker) and Mary Ellen (a hair dresser). He grew up in Woodstock, Ontario, graduating from St. Mary's High School in 2002. He has two sisters, Katie Zegers, who is an actress and Krista. Zegers started acting at the age of 6. He has been in over 30 commercials, and also did some modeling in London. Aside from his acting career, Zegers works off-and-on as a model.

Zegers began his performing career at an early age, appearing in commercials. His first film role was at the age of 7, a small part in Life With Mikey (1993). Subsequently, he appeared in many supporting roles, including a guest appearance on the TV series, The X-Files, playing a young stigmatic child. He had the starring role in Air Bud (1997), about a basketball-playing dog. In the years following, Zegers appeared in three of the film's sequels, as well as a similar genre film, MVP: Most Valuable Primate, which featured a hockey-playing monkey.

Between 1997 and 2004, Zegers had starring or co-starring roles in many lower-budget Canadian films, and several horror films including Komodo (1999). He also appeared in the short-lived American television series, Titans with Yasmine Bleeth in 2000, for which he was personally hand-picked by producer Aaron Spelling. Zegers also worked with Bleeth in the 1999 movie It Came From the Sky.

After appearing in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, he had a large role in the well-reviewed independent film, Transamerica (2005), co-starring Felicity Huffman as a male-to-female transsexual. Zegers' performance as Huffman's street hustler son was praised by several critics.

Zegers won the 2006 Cannes Film Festival "Chopard Award."

Zegers is often cast as an athlete, and he is very active in sports, especially basketball, ice hockey, and golf. In school, he played on the football, and basketball teams, and still plays on a local hockey team. He lifted weights through much of his teen years. In February 2002, he played on the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball team in California.


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his birthname is kevin joseph zeger was born in september 19 1985


Hair color: Brownish Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Pet: Fish

Height: 5'6 or 5'7

Birthplace: St. Marys, Ontario

Favorite Food: Chicken Fettuchine Alfredo

Fav. Car: Jaguar XJ-8 Coupe

Fav. Movie: Good Will Hunting, Armeggedon and Basketball Diaries

Fav. School Subjects: Math and Science

Fav Actors and Actresses: Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore

Fav. Sport: Golf, Hockey and Baseball

- Kevin's best friend is Nathan

- Hates flying

- Lives in Toronto right now

- Is captain of his school's hockey team when he is home in Toronto

- Started auditioning for commercials when he was six

- Spends three hours with a tutor each day

- Waxes in between his eyebrows

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I loved him in Transamerica...

I watched it yesterday :woot: brilliant movie!!! (Y)

he's the guy in CKin2u advertisment with Freja!!! :sex:


and he's the kid in Air Bud! I have a video tape of that :hehe: damn I first saw it...10 years ago :confused:

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Theres this really cute guy at my local gym who looks like Kevin in this pic:

i would say... get him

Trust me i would love to but to be honest i dont know how to approach him or whatever...hes quite abit older i think and seems to like me but wont approach me :( i dont know what to do, i havent dated that much before and always guys make the first move on me so im stuck lol

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Thanks for the advice :) erm when you say flirt what do you mean? Like smile at him and make lots of eye contact or approach him? :blink: I try to smile but i have this thing where i find it difficult to smile at strangers esspecially guys even when they are cute and smile at me first...its like my mouth won't curve up into a smile and i end up frowning abit lol which is frustrating... :ninja: yeh i agree shy and cute is always the best :blush: hes a personal trainer and might be abit too old for me but ahh who cares, age is nothing but a number! :evil:

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