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I've heard a song on the radio a long time ago (2002) on a dutch radio station (Q The Beat). The station is long gone, but I recorded the song - I will upload if I find the tape. I'm looking for the name of the artist and song, can anyone help me? I don't know the whole lyrics, but I'll add a part of it. And I'm not sure if the artist is known worldwide. I haven't heard anyone with these vocals before or since.

Title: ? Either 'Bootie Call' or 'My Turn' or something like that.

Artist: ? Male or group (both male and female vocals)

Year: between 1996 and 2002

Country: England or USA

Genre: Hip Hop, R&B or Pop

Sounds like: Ginuwine meets 4 The Cause meets Nu Beginning meets Deep Side

Song: http://rapidshare.de/files/23571625/Your_C...Beat__.WAV.html

Lyrics: (Chorus)

"If it's your turn, baby call me up

I'll be waiting for your call

If it's my turn, baby let me know


The verses are raps and there's a girl rap too.




This is a song I heard in a bus, on my way to London. The CD was owned by my friend, but she lost the CD (figured! LOL).

Title: TELL ME

Artist: NG3

Year: 2002

Country: England or USA

Genre: Hip Hop, R&B or Pop

Sounds like: Sarah Conner meets StarGate meets Natasha Thomas


"Bounce Bounce baby Bounce help me get

Your number while your buggin

Bounce Bounce baby Bounce you don't

understand im all that bling bling

Tell me that you want me cos you love me

If you love me baby

Treat me like a lady if you want me

If you love me (Hey love me or leave me)"

THANKS PinkCouture!

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The second song might be NG3's "Tell Me"

OMG THANK YOU!!! That's EXACTLY the song I was looking for! THANK YOU PINKCOUTURE!! :) I just KNEW I had to ask at bellazon :) YOU ROCK lol!

And I've added the other song. I was just looking for the artist so I could download a hq version :)

Hope someone can help me out

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