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Sean Faris

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[x] Full Name - Sean Henry Faris

[x] Height - 5'11

[x] Attended Padua Franciscan High School in Parma, Ohio. He graduated with honors in 2000 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career a few weeks later.

[x] Mastered the training of hockey for show Life As We Know It.

[x] #38 of magazine Elle Girl's 50 Sexiest Guys.

[x] Wanted to be an actor when 17.

[x] Born in Houston, Texas; moved to Cleveland, Ohio at age 12 with his mom.

[x] Attended the 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards with Desperate Housewive, Eva Longoria.

[x] Named the Junior Male Model of the Year at the International Model and Talent Association event in 1999 even though he was four to six inches shorter than his competitors. He eventually gave up modeling to focus on acting.


[x] Yours, Mine and Ours (2005)

[x] Sleepover (2004)

[x] Pearl Harbor (2001)

[x] The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks (2001)

[x] Twisted (2001)


[x] "Reunion" (2005)

[x] "Life As We Know It" (2004)

[x] "House Blend" (2002)

[x] "Undressed" (1999)

Guest Appearences

[x] Boston Public

playing "Troy Mooney" in episode: "Chapter Seventy-Nine" (1/30/04)

[x] One Tree Hill

playing "Highschool Guy" in episode: "The Search for Something More" (11/11/03)

[x] Eve

playing "Chip" in episode: "Player Down" (11/3/03)

[x] Smallville

playing "Byron Moore" in episode: "Nocturne" (10/22/02)

[x] Maybe It's Me

in episode: "The Prom Episode: Part 2" (5/3/02)

[x] Even Stevens

playing "Scott Brooks" in episode: "Where in the World Is Pookie Stevens?" (3/1/02)

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He is mainly known as an actor. So this thread will be moved to the Actors section, shortly :)

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He looks like the american Cristiano Ronaldo.

I liked him the most in Sleepover. He had a pic in UK Cosmo men this month. Too lazy to upload now.. go to www.trent.blogspot.com to see it. it is on the 12th of may in the archives. First post there

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