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Lola Bezerra (born as Lola Bezerra Rosy on September 21, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian model, actress who lives in Argentina.

She became known in the media in 2009 for being part of the band Electro Stars, to replace Victoria Vanucci. On January 4, 2011 the group split

In 2012, she made her stage debut with the play "Cuatro Colas y un Funeral", under the direction of Carlos Evaristo. In January 2013 the play was revived and Bezerra currently is part of it.

In 2012 she was part of Fox Sports Summer tv show as a panelist. In it, a year later debuted as television host, only now the program is called Arena mix. The program is broadcast on Fox Sports tv channel.



Lola Bezerra (Argentinian Model) in colaless showing her nipples in a back of a photo session:

2cf59e278087162.jpg c1ab0d278087173.jpg 79d4b0278087182.jpg 2c5f5a278087185.jpg 3c327b278087192.jpg 6abd1d278087197.jpg 482527278087202.jpg 8bd338278087204.jpg 3a9a0b278087210.jpg 61724b278087214.jpg d2c63e278087220.jpg 4a4c5b278087224.jpg 5933ae278087233.jpg 2f1a56278087237.jpg a1e364278087244.jpg

Download: (29,25 MB, 1 min 48 secs, 1280x720, MP4)



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Lola Bezerra & Dominique Pestaña (Argentinian Models) in colaless and thong in a photo session:

994f6b279765002.jpg 085b6f279765004.jpg fda3f1279765005.jpg 6db516279765007.jpg c979b8279765009.jpg 9c144f279765010.jpg f85d03279765013.jpg da3cfd279765014.jpg 89623d279765015.jpg 103748279765020.jpg cf7b6e279765021.jpg 52d989279765024.jpg 04cd07279765025.jpg 2cf2f5279765027.jpg afb017279765030.jpg 753c8c279765033.jpg 65c75d279765038.jpg 773361279765043.jpg 242f91279765048.jpg d235c6279765050.jpg 808e9d279765055.jpg 03ed25279765059.jpg 6776f9279765062.jpg 9e14b3279765066.jpg acd1e7279765069.jpg d04839279765071.jpg e41b23279765073.jpg be371f279765077.jpg  

Download: (33,95 MB, 2 min 40 secs, 1280x720, MP4)




91f41f279767345.jpg dfcf4f279767347.jpg f1ceda279767348.jpg 2fd895279767349.jpg 64df1d279767351.jpg 7ecbb1279767355.jpg 0b070e279767356.jpg c98217279767359.jpg

Download: (10,16 MB, 0 min 43 secs, 1280x720, MP4)



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