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Macy's is a huge department store in the US. They have circulars every week with different models. They also have an e-commerce portion of their business but not a physical catalog like some other American department stores (ex: Sears or JCPenney). 


Macys books a lot out of New York but could also book out of different cities. If this is from the website, you have a better change of figuring her out. The circular could be anyone because they use any type of model for that. E-commerce is a little bit different. 


I don't know who she at first glance but I will try to narrow it down. 

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For anyone wanting to help out check these out:


Agencies in New York:






Bella Models (commercial/Lifestyle)


BMG Models


Cathy Quinn Models

CESD (commercial/ Lifestyle)



DNA Models



FFT (Lifestyle)

Fenton Moon

Flaunt (Lifestyle)



Gonzalez (Lifestyle)



Jan Alpert (Lifestyle)

Lauren Green (Lifestyle)








New York


One.1 (Commercial Boards of One)


Ramonas (Lifestyle)


Reich (Lifestyle)


Rick Miller (Lifestyle)

S Models (Silent's Commercial Boards)

Silent Models

Silver Models (Lifestyle/Fitness)


Soul Artist







* I am sure I forgot a whole bunch of boutique agencies but its hard to keep up with those because they disappear as fast as they pop up. 

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^ To make your search a little easier, I'd start with Wilhelmina, Next, Ford, Elite, Click, and One.1. I see their girls frequent the likes of e-commerce a lot. Also, always check out the agencies Direct board before their Image or Main boards, the latter two are primarily HF based while the former includes commercially aimed girls.

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Is it from the website because it doesn't pop up with a reverse image search. How old is it? From my experience Macy's books a lot from new York model management as well as major. Certain catalogs book more frequently from certain agencies. This particular model doesn't look familiar which means she might be new face doing some catalog work or she this wasn't booked from new York. There are a lot of possibilities. While the bigger agencies do have a lot of catalog models you can't dismiss the other agencies.

I would look at major, new york, q, muse, Mc 2, s models, image click, one.1, and red. All of whom have a lot of commerical models but their portfolios don't look like it. If they were with next, elite, ford, or wilhelmina in ny someone would have recognized her by now unless those pictures don't resemble her too much. To me she looks like a lifestyle model, I will look into the lifestyle and talent agencies just in case. Every model does catalog work from time to time despite the type of model they are, especially in new York.

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the only reason why i ask is time can alter the way i search. also a lot of people use the way back machine on this site. i have made the mistake of assuming the images posted were new around the time it was posted before and i didn't want to do it again. the 

fact it's juniors tell me she might be a kid model still or she is a new face which will help me out further. the fact her eyebrows aren't grommed tells me she is either very young or still trying to pursue an image career. no e-commerce model would ever have eyebrows like that. commercial clients would not like that, especially in New York where there are atleast a thousand models to choose from, not counting the freelancers. 


i searched wilhelmina, mc2, boss, major, bella, dna, iconic,  direct, and q. unfortunately some of those agencies don't make their newfaces boards public. i didn't find her yet but i wil. 

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not with fusion, fenton moon, muse, aim, or frame.


* i am looking at the boutique and commerical agencies. feel free to look at the majors. also I would look at Miami. She seems like she could pass for Latin. If she's Latin looking with an agency in New York.She is probably in Miami as well. 







Caroline Gleason

Michelle Pommier

Front Management

Mega Models Miami

MC2 Models

P Models


Sometimes it's easier to search for models in Los angeles or Miami assuming if they are based in the US that will have multiple agencies. If you found her on other e-commerce sites I would suggest looking at Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, etc.. 

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See I knew there was a reason why I didn't recognize her. Because went through every new York agency and was about to look thought the talent agencies. Macy's predominantly books from new York but also books from la, Miami, etc. that's why I hate identifying us catalog models because there are so many agencies and so many models. Certain catalogs are easier but the bug department stores book from everywhere.

So glad you found her

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