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Laneya Grace

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DanniCullen    0

She's with JE Model Management Kids & 9yrs old :hehe: She's gorgeous, and I follow her Instagram.

Link to the instagram account which her mother runs: http://web.stagram.com/n/laneya_g/

She is of American/Filipino/Mexican Descent. Her family are just as amazing!

Wish her all the best of luck. She will be a knock out when she is older. :heart:

Wanted to put her thread in Fashion Models, but will wait until she is older and start one then.

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Her first Music Video + With Kristina Romanova.

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MarVS    0

Her Green eyes are quite unique and amazing ... she will be a knock out if she stays in modelling also i think  i saw her for GUESS kids. amazing future.

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