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Questions About Quoting Images & Videos


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Due to some minor technical difficulties, I couldn't split this post from the General Questions About and Suggestions for the Site Thread and create a new thread, so I had to quote it in order to start a topic for it:


Ok,that's good Pinky, :PinkCouture2: but I need some explanation: :)

If someone wants to give opinion about the outfit that is shown on images,will it be against the rules to quote those images,or it would be considered back up?

If someone wants to add HQs version for the images,will he/she be allowed to quote?

Will quoting the titles only of the posts be good?

I prefer if you didn't lock that topic,though I support this rule of quoting images,but it's so exposed to many questions and confusion.That's only my opinion which might not be that important.

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^ Good questions! (Y) First of all it is not rule (not yet at least)--more of something we want to encourage ;) There has been a lot of feedback from members expressing their frustration about quoted images and videos. Some members find it annoying that they have to scroll through quoted content they have already seen just view new content. It is extra annoying for those viewing the board on mobile devices :/


It is ok to quote an image if you want to give an opinion about the outfit because you are backing up a point :) However, it is strongly suggested members textlink instead of quoting the whole image. Like this:

Love the top!!! :woot: I hope it goes on sale eventually so I can buy it! :hehe:


Also when you are quoting, please omit anything that is irrelevant or unnecessarily from the quoted post. Like what I did here (I put "..." for parts I omitted):  http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/1274-rosie-huntington-whiteley/page-326#entry3209684

If you would like to add HQ version of images, it is better to quote the original post with just the title & etc or post a link to the original post and tell people you are posting the HQ version. Something like this:


Armani’s Stars

Model: Elsa Hosk

Larger than previously posted...

G1362877406227050_1.jpg post-2904-0-1445985908-66504_thumb.jpg



The reason why I locked the topic is all the announcements & reminders in the Bellazon Forum Rules and Conventions section are for reference. For comments and question member post in the Site and Forum section :) Let me know if you have any other questions. BTW, your opinions are important and they does matter (Y)

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