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Olivia Ross


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Olivia Ross (Next Models, Cosmo Models)

With her 5’11.5 frame and unique, striking face, American newcomer Olivia Ross is sure to make an impact on the industry. The Kentucky native just recently landed in New York with Next Models and has worked with famous photographers Billy Kidd and Ben & Zie. We sat down with Olivia to hear about her exciting modeling experiences thus far, her beauty secrets (look at her skin) and her red carpet date with Ryan Gosling! (Yes, keep reading! )Hey Olivia! How are doing today?Olivia: I am doing so well! I just got back from an amazing shoot and I am relaxing in my apartment with a nice cup of green tea, and Seinfeld is on! And I’m in New York City! Could I be better? I think notYou are originally from Kentucky. What’s your favorite part about your town?Olivia: I live in Louisville, and I love it. I love every single thing about it! The people are so wonderful and weird, and we are very much set apart from the rest of Kentucky. I am so proud of my city and the work and talent it has, it full to the brim with amazing people. The people are what truly make it so great.How was it working with Billy Kidd and Ben & Zie?Olivia: Amazing! Billy was one the first people I ever worked with when I came to New York, and he is one of the coolest guys I have ever met! He is so talented and really created an amazing and comfortable environment, in which we produced some amazing work. Someone even got one of the photos of me by him tattooed on their leg! Ben and Zie were so fun as well! Our shoot was outside and we took a bit of a hike in a park and it was so lovely. They are so talented and the way they worked off each other was really inspiring, they produce amazing things. I was so honored to work with all three of these guys.You have a spontaneous date tonight and have no time to go out shopping. What do you wear?Olivia: I have a boyfriend of over 2 years, and he doesn’t care what I wear so if we were going out, I’m sure I’d wear my favorite form fitting black dress with a bit of a cut out in the sides- I’m very modest but it has just enough sexy for me!Awe, that’s so sweet! What would he ideally wear?Olivia: He has the best style, my boyfriend is really relaxed and has this wonderful effortlessly handsome punk-meets-nerd style. I wouldn’t have it any other way!If you had to choose, would you want a new bag or a new pair of shoes?Olivia: This is a VERY hard question…hmmm probably bag though!You receive $1,000 to spend at your favorite store. Where do you go and what do you buy? Olivia: See this is so hard for me, because I am the saving type, I hate to spend a lot of money in one trip! I think though if this did happen, I would want it to be at either Bloomingdales (what a selection!) or at a home goods store… I am obsessed with decorating (and baking!)An actor of your choice asks you to accompany him at his movie premier. Who’s the lucky guy?Olivia: Ryan Gosling, obviously. Or Alan Rickman, I really adore his work.You are told you had 2 free tickets to see any musician. Who do you see and who do you take with you?Olivia: Hardest question ever. If I could go back in time, I would want to see The Beatles I am an absolute crazy fan of them, I was raised on classic rock and their music and it would be heaven for me. I would take one of my parents. If it had to be current, I would be happy with just seeing Sir Paul McCartney, and I would take my Dad!Beauty time!Name one beauty product you use daily.Olivia: Aveda purple shampoo!We noticed on Instagram and in all of your photos that your skin is flawless! Which products do you swear by to keep it smooth and blemish-free?Olivia: Thank you! It’s not all perfect, trust me!I always use Aveeno Positively Radiant cleansing pads and an apricot scrub, tea tree water from LUSH, and I swear by wearing SPF of at least 15 every day, no matter what. I am very precise abotu my skincare, I used to have bad skin back when I was younger and I never want to go back to that!Are there any beauty rituals you take part in to keep your skin looking fresh? (Facials face masks, steaming, etc.)Olivia: I do face mask twice a week! Nothing fancy, just the kind you might find at a Walgreens or Duane Reade. I am just very particular about always keeping it clean and drinking plenty of water!
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