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National Treasures


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who would be the top three beauties every produced by a country? that is, if we were to hold a true, all-time "miss universe" or more correctly, miss world contest, who would be the three delegates from each nation?

for some reason, the girl/country association that most sticks in my head is paulina porizkova being from the czech republic. probably because i think she is one of the most beautiful women of all time. others that come to mind would the usual candidates from brazil, gisele, adriana, alessandra, etc.

but who else? who from the united states, for example? from from france? all-time, remember. from any field, any medium, model, actress, movie star, singer, anyone in the public eye, the essential criteria being "the pinnacle of beauty", a beautiful, classy, elegant, gorgeous woman.

so i will start, and keep a running, updated list....


1. paulina porizkova

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maybe i nice idea is if every nomination comes with a clean b/w portrait shot, like the one above for paulina. pick/find your best example of her beauty, for the rest of us to admire and to win us over!

GreedyGrandpa, i am looking for one for filippa, but if you can find a great one it is appreciated!

thanks everybody

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ah, you are from france! that is good, you should know your beautiful girls well. personally, let me say i love your pic of nicole trunfio, but we are getting off topic.

it was easy to find a great clean classic pic of paulina because she did the advertising for estee lauder for so long, filippa has done polo and a lot of edgy fashion, i can't find a great clean classsic pic!

i've been looking

the one you put up is great, not a portrait (shoulders, head), but it will do!

any recommendations, Taben?

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brigitte, of course! laetitita is also a beauty, wasn't she crowned the national symbol of france a few years back, as "marianne".

any photo recommendations for these two sublime choices? :)

well being the national symbol ain't exactly a beauty reward :laugh: but it certainly shows that she's someone important here :)

and yes i have pics, i'll post them when i find them in my folders :laugh:

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1. paulina


1. brigitte

2. laetitia

3. filippa

--maybe something like that? (for now?)

i am giving brigitte the #1 spot just b/c of her iconic status, laetitia #2 because damn, their own people gave her the title of national beauty as marianne, and filippa #2 because she looks like paulina's younger sexier (sultrier? moodier?) sister.

so what about catherine deneuve? maybe france needs more than three spots! :)

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better, no ?

ah, better!

except still i don't like the fact that she is frowning, trying to give a sultry/sexual appearance. that is what i mean by "clean, classy". the sex appeal should come from a mood of elegance and sophistication and utter divinity, not from a sultry selling-herself attitude.

she is a national treasure, after all!

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just to add on FRANCE, i think that in a way, laetitia's beauty and fame come more from her overall sensuality and amazing body, so womanly and soft and real, unlike a lot of the tall gangly anorexic girls she was competing with. her face in particular i don't think is her most amazing feature. her eyes, for example, are a bit small, don't you think?

that is just my opinion of course. france itself has said she is a national treasure ( i **love** that about france by the way, can you imagine the united states saying that anything except guns or $$$ is a treasure? nope. ah, in france they appreciate female beauty the way it should be!)

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