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l.a. models and No Ties

5'8'' height

9 shoe

33 bust

24 waist

36 hips

2-4 dress

post-24965-0-17080900-1369268777_thumb.j post-24965-0-34063500-1369268791_thumb.j

post-24965-0-63616100-1369268802_thumb.j post-24965-0-71783100-1369268815_thumb.j

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Lime Ricki Swimwear Summer 2014 / Photographer: Matt Clayton

post-35116-0-1446100603-65163_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-72023_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-74256_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-76272_thumb.jpg

post-35116-0-1446100603-78553_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-81066_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-83063_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-86253_thumb.jpg

post-35116-0-1446100603-89583_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-90888_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100603-92809_thumb.jpg

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Southward Apparel Fall 2014 / Photographer: Jon McKee

post-35116-0-1446100557-93566_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100557-97023_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100558-01441_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100558-02286_thumb.jpg post-35116-0-1446100558-04787_thumb.jpg

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