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Ariadna Monica Antonopulos (b. January 8 of 1982 , San Justo , La Matanza ) Antonopulos known as Monica, is an actress Argentina winner of Martin Fierro , who is better known in 2008 with his starring role in Ana Monserrat Stolen Lives by Facundo Arana .

Her first television job as an actress was in the second season of No Code and then began working in Son de Fierro , playing Sisi's sister Lucy (the mother of the family, played by Maria Valenzuela ). However, their participation was short, and he retired from the program to work in the play "Odd Couple". To justify the removal of the actress, the plot of the show made her character suffered a car accident, which would have forced the plastic surgery done. From that point, the character was played by actress Isabel Macedo . He also participated as an actress in the video clip of the song Crime of Gustavo Cerati .

During 2008, plays the character of Anna on Stolen Lives , partner character Facundo Arana . On it, Arana said: "She owns a security that does not need over 700 strips to show he's a great actress. Mirás and pashas The view from the look you have. Y owns a beauty encontrás not. I remember that I was struck by the work he did with Luis Rubio: he stood in front of camera and made a number of goodies that made me think: what zarpada. And no, it was not, was an actress doing of that character. then saw it in a novel, I found it and I thought played. barely suggested me Telefé as heroin, I felt great. " In the year 2009 began with the strip Heritage of Love, which is high in the second stage of this story. The novel was a success and demonstrated immense acting ability , then ended up acting in love heritage , portraying chef Julia Di Salvo.

In the year 2011 , part of the soap opera The Chosen , on the screen of Telefe , starring Paul Echarri , Paola Krum and Brédice Leticia , in the role of Greta Saenz Valiente, one greedy lawyer, who is also a lesbian. The year 2013 is one of the stars of Neighbours at war by Telefe : Your character is Ivana, the antagonist of Eleonora Wexler and partner Mike Amigorena .

Monica Antonopulos (Argentinian Actress and Model) wearing spandex and showing nipples and her thong in a tv serie:

abb5YJsP.jpg abqGObJ0.jpg adbJNup4.jpg adcnBnu3.jpg adyrlyMU.jpg advdY3QF.jpg adiAma6v.jpg aczssRbU.jpg abbRZrWt.jpg abgFqNNl.jpg achR6ssk.jpg abhxFTCv.jpg acxPqMnU.jpg abkOKaLI.jpg adu3fOq0.jpg adv6IyIL.jpg acx8kw3f.jpg adeuipgg.jpg abwpNVUb.jpg abdqF4hY.jpg adsTzSbR.jpg acrtMGq1.jpg acqQBxKm.jpg acqosd1U.jpg aclZBAXD.jpg acovSMDl.jpg abymHbPK.jpg acc35moM.jpg

Download: (51,15 MB, 2 min 24 secs, 1280x720, MP4)



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