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Rosanna Norman

el jefe

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Rosanna Norman

Nationality: Swedish

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Brown

Date of birth: November 30, 1993

Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Height: 5'9" ; 175cm

Measurements: (US) 30-23-34.5 ; (EU) 78-58-88

Dress size: (US) 4-6 ; (EU) 34-36

Shoe size: (US) 9 ; (EU) 40 ; (UK) 6.5

Mother agency: Mikas - Stockholm


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Her editorials are beautiful :wub:

Thank you guys for posting 🌼


ELLE Sweden September 2010

"Sommarens sista sång"

Stylist: Jenny Fredriksson
Hair & make-up: Victoria Sörensdotter
Location: Sofieros slottspark Helsingborg



0d87b5ed-87f9-4b54-806a-83c256878815_rw_1200.jpg 1a8a3352-975c-4e9c-a5e5-36a16dee4c7d_rw_1200.jpg 4d6ea6ac-81ed-4068-b82e-96e885c688ca_rw_1200.jpg 6f064a37-5da1-4288-bd6f-40243cc86d34_rw_1200.jpg 7bd55ab7-0ca7-4265-b870-0565017d7824_rw_1200.jpg 24ed5ac0-8062-4135-bfc8-a345b7a9a4ff_rw_1200.jpg 997e1f21-a4e4-4eda-9092-e2701371b018_rw_1200.jpg 35390e64-50f6-4203-a944-4d20dd05d9a5_rw_1200.jpg 73014a66-84e5-4555-b27e-53765e4dd1e0_rw_1200.jpg 749518fd-d837-486c-bfbc-bab3db6b908c_rw_1200.jpg 17809952-74c7-4b37-aa95-752f6feae673_rw_1200.jpg 46686767-fc1a-4fa0-b8c3-748d3dd667c6_rw_1200.jpg e6ec1f53-e76e-4f13-b5f9-282a928e9d66_rw_1200.jpg 7e4c3bf7-53b8-42a0-95f6-fbe142a8daf4_rw_1920.jpg



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