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Ashley Moore

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Counting the Stars

Photographed by Larsen Sotelo


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In Ashley Moore’s first film, Popstar, she shares screen time with a huge cast of A-listers.

Tell us a bit about your new role in Popstar? My character’s name is Sarah. She’s supposed to be Conner’s (played by Andy Samberg) assistant, but she’s terrible at it, so I guess you could say she’s just another part of his ‘posse’. The role was a little over the top, and so fun to play.

There’s quite a cast of heavy hitters in the film—and not just actors: Andy Samberg, Bill Hayder, Will Forte, Sarah Silverman, Martin Sheen, Adam Levine, Usher, Snoop Dogg—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Did you get to work alongside many of them? I imagine quite a few of those roles were cameos. Yes! There were so many extremely talented actors and actresses that were a part of this project. Being able to act alongside them all was amazing, and definitely a little scary at first. Luckily everyone was super welcoming, and most of my scenes were with Andy, who I’m really comfortable around. He’s hilarious on and off camera.

Was there anyone in the movie you were particularly a big fan of prior to working with them? I would have to say Andy and Joan Cusack. I love all of their work and have always looked up to them as actors.

Was it intimidating to be among such a sheer volume of stars–with this being your first film? Or was it just another day in L.A.? Living in LA, I’m used to being around stars, but working with them is different. It was intimidating–I was running lines with these incredibly talented people that had been acting professionally for so long. Of course you want to walk into the room like you’ve been doing it for years but you haven’t, and even as an actor you can’t fake that kind of experience. Me being new to the scene didn’t matter to them though; they made me feel as if it were just another day in LA (and I’m sure for them it was). It didn’t take me long to settle into the cast comfortably and really be able to learn a lot from them.

Are there any more acting rolls you have in the works? Sure, of course, but I’m also taking some time to really focus on developing the craft. A big part of acting comes naturally to me, but I don’t want to just wing it either. I plan on taking on many more acting projects in the future, so I’m putting in my time studying, taking classes and going out on as many auditions as possible, just like everyone else.

Are there any other exciting things you’re working on at the moment in the modeling world you can tell us about? I recently shot my first cover for Arcadia Magazine, did a campaign and closed my first runway show for Alice & Olivia, and have a few more editorial and beauty projects are in the works too. It may sound kind of lame, but I still get really excited about all of the work I do. It’s a privilege, and I’m truly grateful to be a part of this industry. I get to learn something new every day, set goals for my future and work hard to achieve them. It’s an ongoing challenge, and one that I’ll continue to accept. Can’t wait for you guys to see what’s next!



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Oyster Mag

Photos by Renee Carey

Styling by Glori Reantaso

Hair & Makeup by Cherish Brook Hill


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Do you think having the opportunity to dress up in so many different types of clothing/brands has helped to sculpt your style on a personal level?
AM: Absolutely. There’s always a different style and vibe on every set. Seeing and being around so much variety has exposed me to a lot of things I probably would have known I loved otherwise. I see and pick up little things here and incorporate them to my personal style as I go.

Define Beauty.
AM: Being confident and totally in line with who you are. There’s nothing more beautiful to me than knowing and loving yourself.

Do you think the industry has become more progressive and accepting of different sizes and colors in recent times and how has this impacted you?
AM: Definitely. If it hadn’t I might not even be here; I have a very different look, and I’m not your typical girl next door. I have big curly hair and a unique face, and I do feel that finding success is harder for women of color. Diversity wasn’t always accepted and it still isn’t always accepted, but I think that’s slowly changing and love that we now have all types of women being looked up to! Let’s face it, the majority of women are not ‘supermodels’. Even supermodels aren’t always supermodels. I think that it’s all great and would love to see it continue.

What are some things you like to do in LA when you’re not working?
AM: I’m an old soul; I love reading scripts and watching all the new films when they come out in theater. I also love spending time outside with nothing in particular to do, or riding my bike.

What do you think you would be doing if you were not a model?
AM: Medical school was always my backup plan. Can you imagine?



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