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Amanda Gullickson


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Modeling is Sad and Weird For Amanda Gullickson

Every week, WWD interviews a working model for “Model Call.” It’s a great way to get a glimpse into the world of modeling and makes you realize that some models actually say things and have personalities.

And sometimes, like in today’s “Model Call,” we’re shown how sad and weird modeling is.

Gorgeous 17-year-old Amanda Gullickson is a former Delia’s catalog model from Charlotte, N.C., who just moved to New York after graduating high school early. She probably had a pretty normal life until she moved here. Now, her new normal is keeping her waist measurements below a very specific number and going to castings where getting the job is dependent on correctly answering questions like what kind of condiment she would be.

Read on.

WWD: What has been the most surprising part about your new career?

Gullickson: The biggest shock was having to watch what I eat. Since I was a basketball player before, you always want carbs. With modeling you have to say, “I don’t want that cookie.” My hips are right on the edge of 35 inches, so if I eat too much I might go over to 36. I watch proportions. I had to cut out candy and I’m such a candy person.

WWD: Tell me about your first casting.

Gullickson: It was for the Susan Woo look book. It was pretty good, but the only thing that threw me off was she asked me if I were a condiment, what would I be. I just said ketchup — I didn’t want to answer wrong.

WWD: Did you book the job?

Gullickson: I haven’t found out yet. I asked her what condiment she would be, and she said Korean hot sauce. Her assistant said relish.

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Recently, I had the chance to chat with our local modeltestant, Amanda Gullickson (age 18), dubbed The Girl Next Door. A born athlete, Amanda is down to earth, has strong family values and a complete belief in herself no matter what comes her way.

Amanda grew up in Fort Mill, SC playing basketball, riding horses and competing in barrel races. If you asked her at age 14 what she'd be doing years down the road, her answer would have been playing basketball. However, after tearing her ACL, Amanda's friend encouraged her to attend an open call with Evolution, a local talent agency.

With supportive (and very proud) parents, Amanda has always believed she could do anything she put her mind to. After graduating high school one year early, Amanda went to Miami to model. Soon thereafter, she moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling while taking online college classes. Along the way, one of her casting calls led her to The Face.

While Amanda was nervous to live with 11 other girls that she had never met before, her competitive nature gives her the confidence to take the bull by the horns. She stays true to herself, is well grounded and defies the notion that models can't eat ice cream and Snickers® bars.

On most mornings, you can find Amanda running in Central Park or practicing hot yoga. She prefers watching movies in her apartment over NYC night life. While some models give in to the pressure of living up to someone else's vision of perfect, Amanda says, "You must be true to who you are. If you believe in yourself, everything falls into place."

So tune in this Wednesday night to see Amanda Gullickson battle it out to win The Face. You can find Amanda on Twitter and Instagram: a_gullickson.

- See more at: http://www.closetofstyle.com/my-style-files/stylist-tips/style-discovery/2699-the-face-amanda-gullickson#sthash.3b6kZRdo.dpuf
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