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Leona Naess


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Biography from VH1.com

She's the daughter of Arne Naess, former husband of Supreme Diana Ross. Born and raised in England but presently based in New York, Leona Naess is an introspective singer/songwriter whose alternative pop-rock draws on influences ranging from Edie Brickell, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell to the Cure, David Bowie and Joy Division. It's impossible to miss the similarity between Naess' voice and Brickell's; nonetheless, Brickell is only one of the many artists who has influenced Naess' work. Naess was in her teens when she started singing and writing songs, and she was 18 when she moved to New York to study music and anthropology at New York University. After doing her share of gigs at such Lower Manhattan clubs as CBGB and the Bitter End, a 23-year-old Naess signed with Outpost/MCA in 1998 and started recording her debut album, Comatised....[more]


Comatised [cover photo]

Release date: 03.14.00

Label: MCA Records

01. Lazy Days

02. Charm Attack

03. Chase

04. Lonely Boy

05. Anything

06. Chosen Family

07. Comatised

08. All I Want

09. Northern Star

10. Earthquake

11. New York Baby

12. Paper Thin

I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll [cover photo]

Release date: 10.09.01

Label: MCA Records

01. Mexico

02. Mayor of Your Town

03. All the Stars

04. I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll

05. Sunny Sunday

06. Weak Strong Heart

07. Blue Eyed Baby

08. Boys Like You

09. Hurricane

10. Panic Stricken

11. Serenade

12. Promise to Try

Leona Naess [cover photo]

Release date: 09.16.03

Label: Geffen Records

01. Calling

02. Don't Use My Broken Heart

03. He's Gone

04. Star Signs

05. Ballerina

06. Dues to Pay

07. Yes, It's Called Desire

08. How Sweet

09. Home

10. Christmas

11. One Kind of Love

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