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Surgeon's General Warning: Country Music Will Kill You!


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A woman who allegedly shot her husband of two months while dancing to Shania Twain music told a court yesterday that the gun has “just gone off.”

Linda West explained to the Winchester court that she was trying to arouse her husband by dancing to the Canadian’s song ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ when she accidentally shot him in the chest.

According to Metro newspaper, she said: “I’m holding the barrels of the gun and I’m dancing holding the gun.

“I was entertaining my husband. Towards the end of the record, when the record finished, I ended up putting the gun down on the floor to the side of me.

“It just went off. It just went bang.”

Gregory West, a keen gun man allegedly asked his wife to dance with the gun and passed it to her.

Usually, the couple would have been protected by the double-barrelled shotgun’s safety catch…however this was not working properly.

Mrs West described what happened after her husband was shot: “I was trying to wake him up and he wouldn’t wake up.

“I was hitting his face and holding his face. I was slapping his face and trying to open his eyes and he just wouldn’t wake up.”

The trial continues…

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