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Nicolas Ghesquière

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Why Nicolas Ghesquière Left Balenciaga and What He’s Doing Next (According to Cathy Horyn)

News of Nicolas Ghesquière’s departure from Balenciaga seemed to surprise everyone from Style.com, whose feature about him in their new print magazine offers no real clues, to Cathy Horyn, who just offered up some insight as to why Ghesquière may have decided to leave.

While Ghesquière declined comment, Horyn spoke to “a number of individuals, who requested anonymity because of their dealings with PPR,” who confirmed speculation that Ghesquière has been frustrated with Balenciaga and PPR.

They tell her that his frustrations “go back at least a year and involve matters like financing and a more commercial tone to some of Balenciaga’s lines” and that “his concerns were being insufficiently addressed by the PPR chairman, François-Henri Pinault.”

She also speculates that the freedom with which Hedi Slimane rebranded YSL (a fellow PPR label) may have been a “source of ire” for Ghesquiere. “Mr. Ghesquière may have disagreed with these kinds of decisions as a matter of principle,” she writes.

Horyn ends her report on a very juicy note: “Meanwhile, Mr. Ghesquière could wind up doing something with LVMH (there is already talk about that), or just take a little break.”

Source: http://fashionista.c...to-cathy-horyn/

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QuestionWhat would you consider great social progress or important political policy?

Nicolas Ghesquière — I’d say gay marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples. These are reforms I hope for. I don’t understand why I live in a country as a third-class citizen. I don’t understand why I have this public life, this fame, this creative and social role, and yet I only half exist because of my sexuality. Gays are considered people who should have limited social freedoms, and I want this to stop. I think gay people should be able to make or adopt children. This would be a sign that a country has evolved.

Purple Magazine Interview: http://www.purple.fr...e-9/article/286

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"What quality do you like to see in a man?"

"His femininity... In anticipation of your next question, I would say that what I like in women is their masculine side...I like women who are free, independent... I like girls who are not too feminine, who have more androgynous bodies."

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