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Lauren Santo Domingo

La Parisienne

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If there's one high-society girl that's in line to inherit the socialite crown, Lauren Santo Domingo is it. Unlike so many socialites who manage to make their lives look like a joke, Lauren Santo Domingo keeps her enviable life under control and respectable. Some have already predicted her to be the next Mrs. Astor, and it's not hard to see why.

Born Lauren Davis, she comes from a prominent east coast family. Her father, Ronald Davis, is a former executive of Poland Spring, and Lauren has been called the "Poland Spring heiress.". She attended Kent School, growing up in Greenwich, CT, and later received her degree from the University of Southern California. Now 34, she's a contributing editor to Vogue and one of the go-to girls of fashion.

She married Andrés Santo Domingo in 2008, thus becoming Lauren Santo Domingo. He's the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo, a Columbian beer baron, and a member of Colombia's richest family. Together, he and Lauren have one child and a second is on the way. Their combined fortunes allow them to live in a beautiful townhouse in Gramercy Park South.

Being a contributing editor to Vogue, Lauren Santo Domingo has some serious connections to designers like Olivier Theyskens and Alexander Wang. And with her respectable image on the socialite front, designers love to be the ones to dress her. Lauren and her husband are very active within the philanthropic community, and have been on the hosting committee for, chaired, or sponsored an astounding number of high-profile charity events. Many of these events are "black tie" events, which means she always needs to look her best.

Because of all of this, it is obvious that Lauren Santo Domingo is a queen of the socialite world, even if she hasn't officially received her "crown" just yet. Her name is well known and respected in the highest circles of New York society, and her influence is powerful. Some referred to her wedding as "the first real society wedding of the century," which took place in Cartagena, Colombia.

It certainly was a wedding of style. Santo Domingo had nine socialite bridesmaids, all dressed in different designer dresses. A number of high-profile attendees also made the nine-hour flight to join in on the festivities, three days of celebrations racked by intense heat.

She may not have her own reality TV show or be famous for wrecking her life like some other socialites we've seen in the past, but something tells us that Lauren Santo Domingo likes it that way. She's not going for the wild child, no rules type of life. She's made herself into a woman worthy of our respect and envy, a woman who will no doubt inherit a crown and keep it.

Source: Marie Hadel


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