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Miss America 2013


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is anybody going to watch it? is today at ABC chanel at 7pm pacific time/8pm central/9 pm eastern time


my top 15 based on this pictures

15 Colorado

14 Oklahoma

13. Connecticut

12 Virginia

11. Maryland

10. Maine

9. Wyoming

8. Kentucky

7. Hawaii

6. Louisiana

5. Montana

4. Michigan

3. Texas

2. Rhode Island

1. South Carolina

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after watching the show I though Montana and South Carolina were the prettiest one.

Glad South Carolina made it to the 1st runner up, I really wanted her to win. I was pretty close with my top 15, I didn't know they were having a top 16, if I knew they were having a top 16 I would have chosen another model. from my top 15 only 7 made it to the top 16 which were Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Maryland, and Kentucky. from my top 7 the only ones that made it for the Top 12 and Top 10 were Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Maryland I guess 5 right now. and for my top 5 only 3 made it and those were South Carolina, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. not bad I am okay of a judge. I pretty dissapointed with Montana she had the prettiest face but her body wasn't all the great. I was pretty dissapointed Miss New York won miss America she looks old, she looks 35 years old, South Carolina should have won.

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