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Hey maybe you can help?!

The Joker

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I havent been on here for a while and the format got changed somehow. Is there a way to search for all the posts you've made? I tried, in my profile page, but it only shows a few.

Or better yet, if you can help directly instead, i'm looking for a smiley/emoticon (not from bellazon) that kinda paper-fanning himself. Anyone knows? Ugh i wish i have it now my manager would be so happy....darn!!!

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Welcome back :hehe:

To see all your posts, go to "my content" (by clicking on your user name, placed near 'sign out'). Then, on the left, you have 'By content type' and 'See the member's' and click 'only post' under this 'See the member's thing'. The search is limited to see post from 13.01.2012 though.

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