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Han Bing


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Thanks to auditions and my lucky star, I am living the dream I’ve always had of becoming a model ! I also love to read, which is good given all the time you have to wait when you model, during hair and makeup, and in between the photoshoots… But it’s all tiny details when you’re in love with the job like I am! I love the feeling of confidence being on a runway can give you. My favorite music is jazz, actually I like the fact that it’s not trendy or played everywhere, you have to know the special places to go, and often they’re the coolest bars. Ming Xi inspires me very much, she really embodies contemporary Chinese beauty, and Chanel is my greatest fashion crush!
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Han Bing (韩冰)

Nationality: Chinese

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Date of birth: 1995

Place of birth: Qin Huang Dao, He Bei

Height: 175cm


She was China's representative at Elite Model Look 2012. She didn't win but was among the 15 finalists...

I don't think she's represented by any modeling agency, I don't know if Elite represent the 15 finalists of Elite Model Look or if the 12 girls who didn't win have to find their agencies by themselves... Anyway, she was recently featured in an editorial for a Chinese magazine, let's hope there's more to come, she has a cute baby face!

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I guess this is a photoshoot she did to start her book before Elite Model Look or something like this...

Well... That was the beginning. Not the best work she has done, not to mention that the clothes and the kind of photography looks pretty cheap, but I think her poses were quite good!


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