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Nele Kenzler


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Place Models


180cm (5’11″)

Place of Origin:

Hamburg, Germany

Ethnic Origin:




How discovered:

I was with another agency before, after a while they called me home to tell me that I have had no response and they don’t believe that it can work out with me, so they released my contract. After some weeks, I met Yannis Nikolaou, who is my agent now at Place Models and he convinced me to try again.

Favorite things:

My rabbits, my piano, sweets, listening to music, my Sony tablet, Icelandic horses, Wii game ‘Just Dance’, my pieces of vintage furniture

Favorite music, band:

Paolo Nutini, Josh Rouse, Bon Iver, Matt Costa, Andrew Bird, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, Stromae


Doing sports (badminton, zumba, horse riding ), reading books, playing the piano, sewing + crafting + painting

Favorite piece of clothing:

My ball dress and wearing (two different and colorful) socks

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?

Bollywood (movies and music) and animated movies for kids

Favorite modeling experience so far?

The variety of clothes and backstage activities at the shows

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?

My family

Favorite artist (any kind):

Composer Erik Satie

Place you would love to visit:

Once again Barcelona, Ljubljana and North Sea island Spiekeroog as well as lots of other European cities I haven’t visited yet

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

Buying stuff for my own flat I might have in the near future

post-43321-0-1446075299-7443_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075299-86719_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075299-95594_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075299-9792_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075299-99707_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075300-05061_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075300-1028_thumb.jpg

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The marvelously captured Away Sea Goes story by Oscar Correcher shot in the South Street Seaport in downtown NYC features pieces by the talented designer Peter Hidalgo. Nele Kenzler at New York Models was styled by Emmanuel Senat, hair and make up by Virna Smiraldi.

post-43321-0-1446075272-88809_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-4968_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-64746_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-67489_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-71574_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-75199_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-76247_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075273-80615_thumb.jpg

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