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There are so many people who scan magazines and procure campaign images. Some of them are into the models while the other are more in it for the art of it. Most of the frequent posters on this forum, also post on other forums. While I prefer this forum, I use the others because I am able to find images of models.

For instance, I use UMC to find catalog images and look books of models I like. I often identify those models at UMC and in exchange I am given the image codes of those models. While there are several UMC regulars who post on here, most of them aren't that active on here. The usual post stuff when they know the models name. They often post in the Model id section as Bellazon's ID section is much more user friendly than Fashion Spots. Plus, Bellazon focuses more on commercial models.

At fashion spot, I spend most of my time looking through the covers and editorial sections. This is where I find a lot of editorial work of models. I identify those models in exchange for the codes. Unlike UMC, there are people who scan these editorials and don't really mind if they don't know who the model is. Some of them post them because its art to them or they are a fan of the photographer. There are so many models that members want more info or want others to procure and they are in other forums or other users have access to it and don't know where to put it.

After a while, I have discuss solutions with other users on here and the other forums. The problem is there is no where specific to places editorials and campaigns. This would benefit everyone because there would be more HQ catalog images and magazine scans available to people more interested in celebrities and models.

After discussing this with other members, we came up with a proposal:

Within this new Magazine/Campaign Section:

We can add a Magazine thread and have separate posts for magazines like Grazia Italy, Germany Elle, American Vogue, etc.

In the campaign sections, we can have Calvin Klein Ads, Clarins Ads, ASOS Catalog, Figleaves Catalog, etc. All of these have random threads in the General Babe Sections which are neglected because most people don't realize they exist because they get lost in threads like who possess the finest booty. LOL.

We can also move the Victoria Secret threads into their own subsection instead of a thread pinned in General Babes. Most of the time, Victoria Secret stuff gets put in place it doesn't belong. People would see Ads, Brands, and Campaigns and would know it belongs there.

Please add your suggestions or solution to where we could put magazines and ads with or without the model/celebrity being identified.

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